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Fatpipe Angry Birds Chuck 33 -33%
This Chuck 33 stick is the perfect option for any youngster, particularly those who are a fan of the..
£29.50 £19.90
text_tax £16.58

Fatpipe Angry Birds Redbird 55 -21%
The Redbird 55 + Ball set is the ideal purchase to start the youngest player on their path to Floorb..
£15.90 £12.50
text_tax £10.42

Fatpipe Bow Shooter 28 -38%
The Bow Shooter is not a stick to be taken lightly.  The full shaft length Bow Curve lets you u..
£79.50 £49.00
text_tax £40.83

Fatpipe Fat 24 (14/15) -32%
Fatpipe's lowest flex (and legal) stick for those who just want sipmle, raw power.  Only availa..
£66.00 £45.00
text_tax £37.50

Fatpipe Jab 29 -9%
Fatpipe's Jab 29 is an evolution of the longstanding and succesful Wiz and Orc sticks. It takes th..
£49.50 £45.00
text_tax £37.50