Rosco Rink - 36 x 18m

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Rosco Rink - 36 x 18m

**Rinks are specialty items - please do not order on website.  Contact  Shipping will be quoted separately**

Rosco Rinks are a Czech Republic based manufacturer of IFF certified floorball rinks and other equipment.  They have been producing rinks for almost 14 years including most of the floorball rinks found in the UK and Republic of Ireland.  We have been in partnership with them for a little over three years in which time we have found them to be excellent partners; producing the highest quality equipment and delivering to schedule.

Rosco's rinks are made from extruded polypropylene panels.  Each segment consists of a front impact shield (a rink panel), a floor panel, a top handrail, two side pieces and one elastic cord for joining to the next segment. They are manufactured to be sufficiently sturdy, resilient and long lasting even with the heaviest of use.  The panel surface is smooth on both side making it suitable for advertising both inside and outside. Standard segment lengths are 1m and 2m straight and rounded corner segments.  They can on request make a segment of any length.  The standard rink colour is white but is also available in black and blue.

There are two models available; Active and Heavy.  The Active rink is lightweight with stability largely provided by all the rink segments being connected together. The Heavy rink is made with a heavier base panel providing each segment with more stability.

Rink Size and Segment Quantity

The 36x20m rink is the standard match size.  It consists of the following:

    - 46 x 2m straight segments (approx. 8.8Kg each)

    - 4 x 1m straight segments (approx. 4.4Kg each)

    - 4 x Rounded corner segments (approx. 9.5Kg each)

(Total weight of the set is approximately 515Kg)


A rink of 36x18m requires 2 storage trolleys. Each trolley takes 23 x 2m straight, 2 x 1m straight and 2 x Corners.  

Alternatively the rink can be simply stored horizontally in stack on the floor. Stacking more than  a quantity of 10 boards this way may result in deformation of the bottom pieces so is not recommended.


Rosco also manufacturers a number of other bits of equipment that can be used with the rink such as rink splitters and match goals.  See the optional add ons for prices and/or the individual products for more details.


The cost of shipping varies depending on the size of the rink, the number being ordered and any accessories added.  Please contact us at for a quote for a rink and the cost of shipping.

Rink Attributes
Rink Colour White/Black/Blue
Rink Stability Spec Active (lightweight)/Heavy
Quantity of 2m Straight Segments 46
Quantity of 1m Straight Segments 4
Quantity of Corner Segments 4
Quantity of Storage Trolleys 2
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